If you want a good price and not the time of delivery, then you should check the Aliexpress sales portal – if you have not had contact with it yet, then don’t worry – below you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and all the information necessary to make safe online shopping. Also remember that your purchases are always thoughtful and sensible! It’s sometimes too easy to click “Buy Now” online, and our credit cards have a certain limit.

What is Aliexpress com?

Aliexpress (aliexpress.com) is a popular Chinese online trading platform operating since 2010 that allows you to transact and export goods from China directly to buyers. The portal belongs to the Alibaba trading group, founded in 1999, which also manages other websites, including Chinese Yahoo. The Aliexpress USA platform is available to logged in users (who have set up an account on the website – see the instructions below) from all over the world, also check aliexpress hot products it is also available in the form of an application for mobile devices. This platform offers a wide selection of goods from all departments – clothing, electronics, interior design, food, cosmetics – everyone who has visited Aliexspress knows that there is probably nothing that you would not find there …

There is a wide selection of literally everything, and the products, due to the fact that they are usually sold directly by Chinese producers, are tempting with very low prices.

How to start buying on Aliexpress USA?

Currently, the website is also available in languages ​​other than English, and although the translations are not perfect, it certainly facilitates navigation and shopping on the site. If you visited aliexpress com for the first time today, you will probably need a quick step-by-step instruction from https://alltopsbrands.com on how to make a purchase on aliexpress USA. You will find everything in the next part of the text. Before you start shopping, however, you need to create an account that allows you to log in and buy goods. To do this, click on the top right corner “Sing in / Join” – “Join Free” and move on.

Then click “Join” to create a new account. We can use your profile on the Facebook social networking site or e-mail address – if we choose an e-mail address, we will be redirected to a short form in which we enter our first name, last name, e-mail address and password.

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Purchasing process – step by step on aliexpress.com

We must, of course, go to the Aliexpress.com website and log in to the previously created account. Then we search for the product we are interested in using the search panel (magnifying glass) or click on the section of interest (on the main page of the menu on the left). If we want to see all categories, click on “See all”.

If we are interested in a given product, we click on it and we can then view all the details and see more photos. On the product card, we will also find out how many people have already ordered a given product and how many people have added it to their wish list. The number of stars will tell us if the people who have already bought and received the product are satisfied with it.

Remember to read the product description carefully and check the opinions of other buyers. This is essential if we want our purchases to be successful. If we are sure, we click “Buy Now”. We will then be redirected to the item shipping data form. Now all we have to do is choose the payment method that is convenient for us, which depends on the country we live in (more information on payments can be found in the text). After making the payment on aliexpress com, we get a confirmation and … we can already expect the shipment (which unfortunately will take some time, but more on that below).