Aliexpress com is an online-only market that offers Chinese goods for sale. The site is dedicated to B2C purposes, but dropshipping also takes place. The site is similar to eBay in that the platform acts as an intermediary between Chinese sellers from ali-a and international buyers without marketing their own goods. Check more about alie on everything about express store.While the goods are from China ali express app, that doesn’t mean they’re low-quality: there are lots of decent products on the platform. However, the price is lucrative due to cheap labor costs in aliexpress dropshipping center. However, you need to prepare for waiting for the item to arrive no earlier than two weeks, but usually no later than two months.

All in all, AliExpress is the place to find decent quality goods at a low price. If you know how to avoid scams, AliExpress could become one of the best e-shopping platforms for you.

Information for beginners about alie

When starting on AliExpress, you should know the basics to understand all the benefits you may derive:

Buyer protection system: AliExpress’s Buyer Protection System ensures that the buyer gets a refund if the ordered product does not arrive within the buyer’s protection period, and also if the goods do not meet the recommended parameters. In other words, you as a customer are protected against AliExpress scams such as a faulty package. Buyer protection terms are as follows: Full refund – you are required to receive it if the product is not as described by the seller; if the parcel does not arrive within the specified time or never at all.
Partial Refund – If the item doesn’t meet the description, but you choose to keep it.
All returns are processed within 15 days.

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Disputes on алиэкспресс

Buyers who want a refund must bring a dispute. Overall, the process involves three main steps:Contact the seller to report the problem: This option is available before the order is completed or 15 days after the order is completed. Don’t wait until the 15-day period ends: in this case, you can’t do anything if the seller refuses to cooperate. Check latest aliexpress promo code for aliexpress on At this stage aliexpress coupon code, you can discuss the problem with the seller and try to find a solution. Open Dispute Ticket: You can do this within 15 days before order completion. This step makes the procedure formal and usually happens if a solution is not found with the vendor in the first step.
Involve AliExpress as an intermediary: In the event that you were not successful in resolving the dispute in the second stage, you can turn to AliExpress for support.
Main payment rules
AliExpress offers a wide variety of payment methods. The most important of them are:

Credit card
It is advisable to choose either of the first two as they have the lowest risk of fraud: AliExpress PayPal fraud, as well as credit card fraud, are very unlikely to happen. However, credit cards are the most common method as buyers can get points for each purchase.

Always pay via AliExpress. Do not transfer funds directly to the seller’s bank account. In this case, you are not under the protection of the AliExpress buyer.

Safe shopping checklist on AliExpress
Warning! Tips and Checklist to Avoid Scams on AliExpress
To get only positive customer experiences, you should know how to avoid scams on AliExpress. While the platform is constantly battling unreliable sellers, they still exist. Find out what to look for here.

The quality of the items varies by seller. It is similar with the quality control process. Therefore, in order to avoid Aliexpress scams, you should be extremely careful when choosing a product and consider the following:

Price too low
A very low price is not a sign that you need to purchase the product directly. Instead, it’s a red flag that the product may be garbage or that the seller is a scam.

Sometimes a low price doesn’t mean it’s a scam, but the seller has just added a cheaper product to the package and indicated its price. For example, a pair of shoes costs $ 20 and a pair of laces costs $ 5. But the price quoted is $ 5. Therefore, check the prices carefully at the checkout.

Known mark
Buying branded goods on AliExpress is a bad idea. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nike and Lego can be sold on the e-commerce platform. But they won’t be authentic. Therefore, when you see a new iPhone that costs $ 10 or even $ 100, it’s better not to proceed with the purchase.

You should also be especially careful to avoid the aliexpress seller scam when purchasing expensive electronics. Only search for goods that are verified by AliExpress to be genuine. If you find the mark, the product is genuine and safe to buy.